Wednesday, December 28, 2011 fail.

Well i am a despicable human being.  I sort of forgot/avoided writing because i'm too busy (or so i like to convince myself). This is my thought process

"I don't need to blog, i just barely blogged."

"It's been a while, buuuuuuut i just don't have time"

"I'm so ashamed.... i can't blog. it's been months since my last post..."

"ok.... This is ridiculous I gotta blog!"

It's a vicious cycle.

So there's a lot to update ya'll on. Ok.... gotta stretch out...... aaaaaaand ready. set. go.

So the homecoming game was stupendous! Mountain View won (i'm pretty sure we bribed the other team to loose cuz we suck) and it was the first game i'd been to (cuz i suck). It was a just such a blast! My friend Nathan asked me to the homecoming dance and we had a paint war for our day activity. Haha what a mess. But sometimes it's good to get messy.  However, i recommend wearing some sort of face mask because paint in eyes, ears, and mouth is just plain dross (kid history quote!!!) And dinner was amazing, the dance was super fun and everything was just awesome!


So Halloween was pretty bomb diggity... (yes i bomb diggidied... get over it). Saturday the crazy people who i occasionally spent time with AKA my friends, had a party! I was awesome and dressed up as minnie mouse. We had a pillow fight at the park and then went to my friends haunted house. NBD. Then on monday i dressed , I went trick or treating for a few hours with my friend and her little sisters, and then i  picked up my friend Erin and we went to my friend J's. It was such a party!

So at the end of October, i got it into my head that i wanted to do something crazy. Something outrageous. Something totally out of the blue. I decided I wanted to cut my hair. Many sane bystanders tried to convince me not to chop my luscious locks... others were the devil's advocate and told me to go for it. Told me "it's your hair. Do what you want with it." So i decided to donate it. On Monday, Nov. 7th, I cut off 11 and a half inches of hair. It was so extremely liberating! And i love it short! Now as if that's not enough, I'm thinking about going even SHORTER. Yes for individuality!
Length Before

Length After

Give thanks! Thanksgiving weekend was very nice. Me and mi familia went to Utah to see the rest of the fam. It was ridiculously cold but lovely. For Thanksgiving day we went up the canyon to my uncle's cabin. Surprisingly i did almost all of my homework that afternoon. HOORAY for not procrastinating!!!! Then we went that night to see our good friends the Richman's. Love them to death! It was a god day. Then the rest of the weekend involved going to the movies with cousins and chilling with the family. All in all, a very resting weekend.

WINTER FORMAL!!! ahaha so basically i wasnt originally planning on attending a silly school dance but my sister convinced me to ask my friend Austin. He is pretty cool so i decided to ask him. We had such a good time! Well on the day of the dance it was pouring rain and our day activity was out in Fountain Hills. Soooo.... we were cold and wet but we had a really fun time playing croquet and launching bottle rockets and having our little picnic. Then we went home, got ready, and everyone came to my house for pictures and dinner, which was delish! At the dance we ran around like idiots and took pictures and laughed and sang as loud as humanly possible. Only complaint i had was they played NO slow songs. So basically i payed 25 dollars to jump up and down (because that's my generations idea of dancing). So that was stupid, so we went back to my house and played some slow songs on my stereo and danced in our entry way. Then we went and made gingerbread houses. It was a fun and quirky was to end the night.

The repercussions of the dance were not so fun.... but that's for an "angry hate-the-world" post which this is not.

Whew! Ok. I'm all caught up now. I promise to blog more. Ok? ok. Peace Off.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I was nominted, therefore i am.

I love my sister so stinkin much, but i think she's crazy. She has nomintaed me for an award i TOTALLY don't deserve (the versatile blogger award, in case anyone was wondering). First of all, i never have time to blig, so my posts are few and far between and second, when i do post, its never very interesting.... but none the less, my dear sister took pity on my and my pathetic little blog and nominated me (probably hoping to motivate me) But i do have to say, it is nice to be recognized.

The "Versatile Blogger Award" rules:

No. 1 Thank the person who nominated you: Allora, i thank you. Truely. But I think you're crazy. ;)
No. 2 Share 8 facts about yourself

Strap on your seat belts, and here we go.

{uno} I'm a music junkie. I play the cello, piano, guitar (ish) and sing. No matter what i'm doing, i HAVE to be listening to something. It's really the only thing that motivates me and puts me in a good mood. I love the spanish station on the radio but i also love me some hip hop music. Basically if it's good, i'll listen to it.

 {dos} I'm pretty sure im the luckiest girl on the planet Earth. Here's why. My family is amazing and i have parents who are still as in love as they were as teenagers. I have a boyfriend who loves and cares for me and is my best friend. I have more than enough in life to make me happy and I Lived in spain and traveled most of Europe all before i was 8 years old.

{tres}Scary movies? Can't stand them! I'm not usually a chicken, but i cant even watch trailers for horror films. Just ask Boyfriend. He begsme  all the time to see scary movies with him ( i just think he wants to cuddle). PSH! If he made me go see a scary movie with him, i wouldn't cuddle! I'd be P.O that he made me go in the first place... So ya. Hate Scary movies.

{cuatro} I used to speak fluent spanish. When i lived in Spain, i was 5, so i absorbed the language like a sponge. My and Little Brother even would have conversations in Spanish just because we were so used to speaking it all day long.We had an awesome tutor Moni, who basically became one of the family. But since it's been many years since I lived there and have therefore forgotten much of the language.

{cinco} I LOVE SOUP! I don't know why, but for as long as i can remember i have always loved soup. Any kind, any day i would eat it. We'd go to a restaurant and all i wanted was a bowl of some soup. Birthday? soup please! Seriously, i think it's a side-effect of me being sick all the time, because all i eat when i'm sick is soup.... and now all i eat when i'm not sick is soup. But ya.... i love soup. ;)

{seis} Books are my best friends. I can sit down for an hour and devour the book i got that morning. It's great. Books are my way of escaping stress and school and drama. Just open a book, and you're in a whole new world (cue Aladdin's "A Whole New World" song.... it will now be stuck in your head. You're welcome).

{Siete} I have a thing for heels. So what that i'm 5 foot 10 WITHOUT added inches of shoe? The higher the heel the better. I have only a few pairs thanks to my lack of cash and time to shop, but when i have money and the chance, i buy the brightest and the highest heels i can find. I love to shop for them, i love to compliment other girls high heels, and i love wearing them. They just make me feel so gosh darn sexy.

{ocho} My guilty pleasure is french fries. Forget girlie figures and salads. Nope not for this female. I would choose french fries any day of the week. Best fries in my opinion are at Wendy's. Sometimes, i just gotta make a Wendy's run for a chocolate frosty and a LARGE fry. Mmmmm.

Now i believe it is time to pass this award on to a few others.
Peace Love and Cupcakes
Something For The Summer 2011
Sincerely, Alice

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In need of a blogging break

So... not exactly sure what i'm gonna write, but i just REALLY needed to blog and i finished my homework early (holla!) so here i am. :)

School has started. Aw nuts. I can already tell this year is going to be really interesting. Junior year=MADNESS! especially when the school decides to add 900 more students to our already full campus. School population is now like 3,300! Talk about insane. It's seriously wall to wall students ALL DAY! I feel so bad for the little freshman (little brother is one of the poor little things). Seriously i would've changed schools if i was being forced to go to Mountain View at their age. Plus they are just so tiny! I feel like they shrink every year. I swear we were never that small.... oh well. Also, i'm a glutton for punishment and am taking AP english. First of all, I have never really liked english so i'm not really sure why i'm trying to be all "advanced" and such cool things for i class that i really do not appreciate at all. Plus my teacher is one of those people that scare you, and you're totally afraid for your life, but you learn so friggen much that you don't want to drop the stupid class. Gah! Mega frustration! But I love all my other classes. Human anatomy is BOMB! Who knew studying pictures of naked people was academic? :)  But seriously it is gonna be my favorite ever. Plus my teacher is hilarious. She has great stories.

I have new favorite songs! "Moves Like Jagger" is amazing! "Miles" by Christina Perri basically describes my life for the next year. Like for serious. "Party Rockers" by LMFAO is just fun to dance to. "Boots and Boys" by Ke$ha is great to sing to in your car really loudly and out of key (it has to be that way, otherwise it just isn't as fun). basically i just freakin love music. Like anything! For real.

Haha Saturday night i seriously thought my friend was possessed. She was sleep talking and i was laying in bed and i hear her say "oh yeah? BRING IT ON!" then a thump. So me and my friend alexis turn on a flashlight and see Dani in the middle of the floor with her head limp on her shoulders and doing freaky arm movements. Seriously looked like the exorcist. I freaked out. THEN she decided in her sleep, to open her eyes and and stare glassy-eyed right at the light we were shining at her. We didn't know weather to turn the light off so she couldn't see the light anymore, or to keep the light on so we could keep an eye on her. She also decided to chase us around the room because she thought that when we ran away from her when she came at the light, that we were playing tag and that she was it. Freakin scared the heck out of me!

So my dear miss Hope left to work at Disneyland for 5 months today... I miss her already. I hate people for leaving me. My 2 best friends Val and Katie both ditched me. One is home schooled and the other transferred schools. So i miss lots of people right now. I'm determined to keep my blog updated for Miss Hope so she can keep up on my boring little life. :)

I love you Hopey!

Basically I've been saying "I love you" to people a LOT lately. I think it's a side effect of people leaving me. I just realize i say it to ALL of my friends at least 47 times a day. I hope I am allowed to do that. I mean, i'm 16. I don't even really know what true love is, but i do  know i love my friends... so i guess that makes me qualified to say it. Oh well, even if i'm not, who's going to stop me? no one thats who. I think it's good to say i love you. It makes me feel better, so i figure if it makes me feel better to say it, it should make people feel better to hear it.

Ok. Blogging breaks must become a therapeutic routine of mine because i feel SO much better.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

adventures i'd rather not have.

So Tuesday morning i woke up with a weird pain in my chest. I felt it and found a marble sized lump that was very extremely painful. This stupid little lump immediately freaked me out. I totally thought cancer! I was so so scared. Well i told myself i was being irrational and calmed down a little bit. Mom came home, i had her feel this stupid little bump. Well she freaked out, which made me freak out again, and it was just a big hot mess. So my mom called the doctor and we made an appointment for that afternoon.

Well the doctor was really nice. She was super awesome and totally calmed me down. She told me that since it hurt it most likely wasn't cancer, which was a HUGE relief and she told me that i should get an ultra sound so they can know what this dumb little thing is. She also checked my back (for those who don't know my body is at war with itself and my back hates me) and told me my spine is curved really bad. So she also suggested I get an xray.

So today my awkward adventures started in the waiting room of the radiologist. They called out my name and what i was there for, so I stand up and everyone looked at me. They were totally all thinking: ultrasound+plus teenage girl= TEEN PREGNANCY! i wanted to say really loud, "Ya ultrasound on my BREAST LUMP" geez people! Seriously?!

And the ultrasound lady barely spoke english. So she asked me if it still hurt, which it does. So she nods and goes on like she respects that. Then she pulls out that demon paddle thing and basically stabs me with it. For like 10 minutes she pressed the dumb little paddle with NASTY gel crap into my painful bumb. I wanted to yell HELLO!?! IT FREAKIN HURTS! Can't you hear my little gasps and whimpers. Gah idiots!

Then with the xray, i was put into a freakin gown that i could've fit 8 of me into. It seriously did nothing for me. Aren't they supposed to cover me up? I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to FALL OFF ME! At least the guy taking the xrays was nice. But still i had to retie the only 2 little ties on the circus tent like a bazillion times.

Ya so I won't have results for anything for a few days maybe weeks. Crossing my fingers it's nothing serious. And i also have to make an appointment for a spine specialist because, oh ya, on top of everything else, my spine is in the shape of a HUGE "s".

Ya i'm all messed up, didn't cha know?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A hairy situation...

So basically having long thick hair in the middle of summer basically makes me want to punch someone in the face. I seriously go back and forth between wanting to chop it all off and the knowledge that I will go through some serious hair withdrawals if i do. It really is a problem. I mean honestly, no one needs this much hair. For real!

Now i know i'm one of the blessed few who can get away with NEVER doing their hair, and I know that it's because it's long and heavy so it basically can only be straight, and i think that's why i've never actually carried out my many many threats to take scissors to mane. I'm just too lazy. I know that if i cut it short it will just be work, work, work all the time (hooray for princess bride quotes). But i'm not kidding. I love not having to do it and i hate having it long in the summer... so basically i'm stuck.

The problems of having long hair in the summer are as follows

Sleeping: I suffocate from the heat, my hair and the heat caused by my hair.
Swimming: I drown in it. It becomes a 20 pound weight on my neck and shoulders. I get out and it dries however it freakin wants. Brushing through it afterwards is a pain because it dries SO SLOW so half is wet and half is dry, which means a nightmare for my brush.
Split ends: Combine heat, chlorine, hair ties on wet hair, and boating and you get a magical concoction for split ends (cue sarcastic "YAY"....) which make me look like a frizzy hot mess...

See, long hair isn't as fun and flouncy as you think....

So i'm caught between a rock and a hard place. I love my long hair, just not in 115 degree weather. My boy loves my long hair too... but then again he's not even in the US anymore, so i can do whatever i dang well please to my hair and he will have to love me anyways. I'm pretty sure my family would never approve of me cutting my hair so i'd have to pull a Mulan and cut my hair with a sword in the middle of the night which im guessing only works out in the movies. And the fact that i'd be too lazy to do my hair if it was short (which is the argument my loving sister always brings up) basically stops me dead in my tracks whenever i threaten to cut it.

So ya. It's definitely a hairy situation.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I can only take so many girls at one time...

So this past week I spent at Girls Camp. I honestly tried so so hard to get out of it. I did NOT want to spend a week with girls that can't function without $100 jeans on and makeup plastered on their faces. So obviously I made every excuse I could find to convince my parents to let me stay home. Lets just say I shouldn't be a lawyer because apparently my argument wasn't very convincing and i was forced to get on a bus Tuesday morning with a million other girls. Well it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. Not that it was the best experience of my life, it just didn't kill me. The biggest problem about it was that it was over the HP7 premier. That was depressing. I mean it was the last Harry Potter premier EVER and i missed it. Wow. Lame. But all of the girls were really fun about it, running around in robes with scars drawn on their foreheads. We even read the 7th book out loud to eachother. Did you know how fun it is to read out loud in a British accent. Because I didn't, and know it's like the greatest thing ever. :)

But girls who come to camp and slack off and don't do anything really make me want to kick a puppy in the face. I mean really who pays 75 dollars to go sleep in a cabin? That is like the dumbest thing in the entire world.  And those kind of girls are the reason i was trying so hard to avoid camp. However, i need to be fair and say that not all the girls are like that. The girls I spent my time with were really quite fantastic. And i did have a good time, and made good friends so thats a plus.

Oh, and i did go see HP7 when I got home. And OH MY HOLY WOW it's the greatest thing ever of my life. I'm a little, well actually a lot, depressed that its over. No more Harry Potter movies in the theater ever again. That realization was a hard pill to swallow. I Love Harry Potter. Like, a lot. ;) Ya i'm a nerd, get over it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Typical 1st Blog

Yes yes I know. Everyone in the world who's ever started blogging has to blog about her first blog post. But i figure you kind of have to know who i am and what i'm about to decide if you even want to read on.
Well my full name is Abbeney and to be honest with you, i'm blogging to keep up with my older sister. ;) You'll hear about Allora a lot. She's my only sister and i love her to bits and pieces (if you want to read her blog it's The Best Is Yet To Come. It's quite fantastic). We're 4 years apart and we're as thick as thieves. I tell her everything. But she is the reason I have started this blog. She even set it up for me (bless her) because i am tech-retarded.
Apart from Allie, i also have a little brother who is 2 years younger than i am. As far as little brothers go he's alright. Brennan gets on my nerves sometimes but thats his job. You'll probably read about him through out this blog also.
I like to write, but i don't really have time.... so if you do follow this blog, dont be surprised if my posts are few and far between. I really hope thats not the case, but it is definitely a possibility.
Ok.... so thats all i really have to say on my first post ever. I wish it was more amazing, but if you're actually judging me then you suck. :)