Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pitter Pat

Ah, Spring. How I was in such a need of you. I was getting weary of the freezing days and layers and layers of clothes that never seemed to keep my warm enough. I was exhausted by the short days and endless dragging dark nights. Yes, Spring. You couldn't have gotten here fast enough. But no matter you are here now, so let the basking begin.
"Basking?" you ask. Yes, basking. That moment when you walk by an open window and revel in the glorious warm breeze and the streaming sunlight. You arch your back, like a cat stretching after a long nap. That is essentially what winter is for me. A long, deep sleep. It's alright for a time, but too much sleep essentially makes you MORE tired.

Spring is waking up. It's putting the scarves and coats back in their corner of the closet and bringing forth the shorts, the tank tops and the sandals. It's playing in the warm "pitter pat" of springtime rainfall. I love the spring saying "april showers bring may flowers". It's basically all a buildup to beauty. Spring is eating sunday dinners on the backporch and going for drives with the windows down. It's falling in like with someone (yes, like, not love. I'm 18 for goodness sake.) Spring is goofing off with your freinds. It's daydreaming in classes when you're supposed to be doing schoolwork.

I love Arizona. It's springtimes are probably one of the most beautiful in the world. I can't imagine living anywhere else (no matter how much I may voice otherwise). And well, basically,
I LOVE SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Heart Day

So i know it's a bit late, but HAPPY FRIKEN VALENTINES DAY! Ok, so i havent always been the biggest WOOHOO fan about Valentines Day, but this year, I was actually kinda excited about it. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I actually had a Valentine, but hey, whatever gets ya going.

J had been keeping our date plans a secret from me, which of course made me even more curious about what we were doing but he assured me I would be sad if I forced him to tell me. He's good like that. He knows that sometimes even when I say I want something, he knows that I really dont. He knows what I want better then I do. Well... most of the time.

So I got all dolled up and J came and picked me up around 6. We went and watched Back To The Future (i'd never seen it) and then went to Charlstons (never eaten there before) then went to Cold Stone and got a flavor i'd never tried. So it was a complete night of firsts. First Valentines date, first back to the future, first expensive meal and first cone.

All in all it was a good night. J's so good to me, I have really appreciated having him in my life. Ever since 8th grade when we met, he's always been there for me. He's such an amazing person and I adore everything about him.

There you go. Short and sweet. Ok, i'm done.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

BOO! I'm Despicable!

Um ok. This is ridiculous and so not acceptable. "Last post, Feb 12, 2012" Holy WHAT?! Apparently this is my style: suck epicly at blogging, then try desperately to catch up.... So in honor of it being a new year, I plan and getting my act together and getting this dusty blog brushed off and gleaming with life again. There's a lot to update, and i'm going to try to do it kinda quickly, so bear with me.

Well since my last post was last FEBRUARY (goshdarnmeandmyinabilitytokeepupwithmyblog) I shall give you an update about summer. As soon as Junior year was over, my family took a trip, as is tradition, to Roosevelt Lake over Memorial Day. So much fun in the sun, and I loved being with the whole fandamily. Did I get sunburned? Well, I am like ultra-mega white. So the answer is yes. Badly.  But it couldn't dampen my feeling of freedom that summer break brings. Then I got my wisdom teeth out. No big deal, i just had my TEETH RIPPED OUT OF MY FACE! Actually it really wasn't that bad. I never really hurt and the swelling went away pretty quickly. Plus, my bestfwiend Kim Vu brought me my favorite ice cream (coconut pineapple in case you were curious) and my favorite boy came over to watch Scary movies with me. Then I had 3 weeks of summer school to get Government and Economics out of the way. Had fun people in my classes, which helped get me through 7:30 to 5 every day. 4th of july was rainy and cool (first time in AZ history since, like, EVER). We had the McHardy clan over for a barbeque and we all talked and laughed. It was great to get everyone together.  The summer also meant a a visit from cousins. Makayla and Ryan came down for a few days in July. We went bowling, got ice cream (shout out to Paleta's Betty!) and saw a D-Backs game. Me and Kayla also went on a date with some friends of mine. We had a snowball fight and a giant slip n slide. Summer Arizona Style BABY! Before school started up again, I had the enormous pleasure of getting to go to California with my favorite boy (mentioned above). J had been planning this trip since forever and I finally got permission to go. So we drove to california early one morning. We got season passes to 6 flags and spent the next few days riding rides and enjoying the beach for the last few days of freedom.

AUG. 8th! SENIOR YEAR HAD BEGUN!! Taking a full day of classes, but yet only needing one credit left. My 1st semester was filled with Mythology, Symphony, Yearbook, Seminary, Chorale and Stained Glass. Such a fun semester. I thoroughly enjoyed my Myth. class. My teacher was amazing and I loved the people in my class. Joining Yearbook was something of a last minute decision. I wasn't sure if  I wanted to do it, but I decided it would be a good thing for me to be involved in. Turns out I LOVE IT! I like being a part of a staff that really wants the same thing, for the book to be amazing. Interviews make me hate EVERYONE but thats ok. We're all a little cynical in yearbook. Stained glass was probably the best class i've ever taken. I made so much cool stuff, the people in my class were new and interesting and my teacher was such a sweet lady, bless her. Most of the projects I made went to other people as gifts, but that's alright.  I'm glad they can enjoy it. Who knows, it may even become a hobby of mine. GASP! What? Abby might actually do something crafty with her life?! Yeah i know, it's crazy, but I really really enjoy it.  Went to Homecoming with my friend Lucas, and went to Winter Formal with my friend Michael. They were great dances and turned out better than I thought they were going to (because i'm a worry wart who hates people, remember). So that was fantastic.

Holidays! Thanksgiving was spent in Utah! So fun to see all the cousins! Christmas was spent in MAUI! WOOOOOOOT! I love tropical christmases. BEST. EVER. Learned how to surf, ate delicious food and shave ice. Saw the sun rise and the full moon set on the top of a Haleakala (a volcano). Played at the beach and got really TAN! :) :) Then I came home, spent New Years with some of my best friends and shot off fireworks. Then on New Years Day, I left for Disneyland with J (who I am now dating BTW). It was so fun to be there when it was all decorated for Christmas time. Aaaaand J kissed me for the first time in Disneyland. It was super adorable. 

And now school has started again, so I guess I've caught you up on the major MAJOR important stuff. Since I am now taking English 101, I have my laptop with me more and I have access to the interwebz... you know what that means. NOT DOING SCHOOL WORK AND ACTUALLY GETTING TIME TO BLOG OTHER STUFFZ! :) Hooray for procrastination.