Wednesday, December 28, 2011 fail.

Well i am a despicable human being.  I sort of forgot/avoided writing because i'm too busy (or so i like to convince myself). This is my thought process

"I don't need to blog, i just barely blogged."

"It's been a while, buuuuuuut i just don't have time"

"I'm so ashamed.... i can't blog. it's been months since my last post..."

"ok.... This is ridiculous I gotta blog!"

It's a vicious cycle.

So there's a lot to update ya'll on. Ok.... gotta stretch out...... aaaaaaand ready. set. go.

So the homecoming game was stupendous! Mountain View won (i'm pretty sure we bribed the other team to loose cuz we suck) and it was the first game i'd been to (cuz i suck). It was a just such a blast! My friend Nathan asked me to the homecoming dance and we had a paint war for our day activity. Haha what a mess. But sometimes it's good to get messy.  However, i recommend wearing some sort of face mask because paint in eyes, ears, and mouth is just plain dross (kid history quote!!!) And dinner was amazing, the dance was super fun and everything was just awesome!


So Halloween was pretty bomb diggity... (yes i bomb diggidied... get over it). Saturday the crazy people who i occasionally spent time with AKA my friends, had a party! I was awesome and dressed up as minnie mouse. We had a pillow fight at the park and then went to my friends haunted house. NBD. Then on monday i dressed , I went trick or treating for a few hours with my friend and her little sisters, and then i  picked up my friend Erin and we went to my friend J's. It was such a party!

So at the end of October, i got it into my head that i wanted to do something crazy. Something outrageous. Something totally out of the blue. I decided I wanted to cut my hair. Many sane bystanders tried to convince me not to chop my luscious locks... others were the devil's advocate and told me to go for it. Told me "it's your hair. Do what you want with it." So i decided to donate it. On Monday, Nov. 7th, I cut off 11 and a half inches of hair. It was so extremely liberating! And i love it short! Now as if that's not enough, I'm thinking about going even SHORTER. Yes for individuality!
Length Before

Length After

Give thanks! Thanksgiving weekend was very nice. Me and mi familia went to Utah to see the rest of the fam. It was ridiculously cold but lovely. For Thanksgiving day we went up the canyon to my uncle's cabin. Surprisingly i did almost all of my homework that afternoon. HOORAY for not procrastinating!!!! Then we went that night to see our good friends the Richman's. Love them to death! It was a god day. Then the rest of the weekend involved going to the movies with cousins and chilling with the family. All in all, a very resting weekend.

WINTER FORMAL!!! ahaha so basically i wasnt originally planning on attending a silly school dance but my sister convinced me to ask my friend Austin. He is pretty cool so i decided to ask him. We had such a good time! Well on the day of the dance it was pouring rain and our day activity was out in Fountain Hills. Soooo.... we were cold and wet but we had a really fun time playing croquet and launching bottle rockets and having our little picnic. Then we went home, got ready, and everyone came to my house for pictures and dinner, which was delish! At the dance we ran around like idiots and took pictures and laughed and sang as loud as humanly possible. Only complaint i had was they played NO slow songs. So basically i payed 25 dollars to jump up and down (because that's my generations idea of dancing). So that was stupid, so we went back to my house and played some slow songs on my stereo and danced in our entry way. Then we went and made gingerbread houses. It was a fun and quirky was to end the night.

The repercussions of the dance were not so fun.... but that's for an "angry hate-the-world" post which this is not.

Whew! Ok. I'm all caught up now. I promise to blog more. Ok? ok. Peace Off.