Thursday, September 8, 2011

I was nominted, therefore i am.

I love my sister so stinkin much, but i think she's crazy. She has nomintaed me for an award i TOTALLY don't deserve (the versatile blogger award, in case anyone was wondering). First of all, i never have time to blig, so my posts are few and far between and second, when i do post, its never very interesting.... but none the less, my dear sister took pity on my and my pathetic little blog and nominated me (probably hoping to motivate me) But i do have to say, it is nice to be recognized.

The "Versatile Blogger Award" rules:

No. 1 Thank the person who nominated you: Allora, i thank you. Truely. But I think you're crazy. ;)
No. 2 Share 8 facts about yourself

Strap on your seat belts, and here we go.

{uno} I'm a music junkie. I play the cello, piano, guitar (ish) and sing. No matter what i'm doing, i HAVE to be listening to something. It's really the only thing that motivates me and puts me in a good mood. I love the spanish station on the radio but i also love me some hip hop music. Basically if it's good, i'll listen to it.

 {dos} I'm pretty sure im the luckiest girl on the planet Earth. Here's why. My family is amazing and i have parents who are still as in love as they were as teenagers. I have a boyfriend who loves and cares for me and is my best friend. I have more than enough in life to make me happy and I Lived in spain and traveled most of Europe all before i was 8 years old.

{tres}Scary movies? Can't stand them! I'm not usually a chicken, but i cant even watch trailers for horror films. Just ask Boyfriend. He begsme  all the time to see scary movies with him ( i just think he wants to cuddle). PSH! If he made me go see a scary movie with him, i wouldn't cuddle! I'd be P.O that he made me go in the first place... So ya. Hate Scary movies.

{cuatro} I used to speak fluent spanish. When i lived in Spain, i was 5, so i absorbed the language like a sponge. My and Little Brother even would have conversations in Spanish just because we were so used to speaking it all day long.We had an awesome tutor Moni, who basically became one of the family. But since it's been many years since I lived there and have therefore forgotten much of the language.

{cinco} I LOVE SOUP! I don't know why, but for as long as i can remember i have always loved soup. Any kind, any day i would eat it. We'd go to a restaurant and all i wanted was a bowl of some soup. Birthday? soup please! Seriously, i think it's a side-effect of me being sick all the time, because all i eat when i'm sick is soup.... and now all i eat when i'm not sick is soup. But ya.... i love soup. ;)

{seis} Books are my best friends. I can sit down for an hour and devour the book i got that morning. It's great. Books are my way of escaping stress and school and drama. Just open a book, and you're in a whole new world (cue Aladdin's "A Whole New World" song.... it will now be stuck in your head. You're welcome).

{Siete} I have a thing for heels. So what that i'm 5 foot 10 WITHOUT added inches of shoe? The higher the heel the better. I have only a few pairs thanks to my lack of cash and time to shop, but when i have money and the chance, i buy the brightest and the highest heels i can find. I love to shop for them, i love to compliment other girls high heels, and i love wearing them. They just make me feel so gosh darn sexy.

{ocho} My guilty pleasure is french fries. Forget girlie figures and salads. Nope not for this female. I would choose french fries any day of the week. Best fries in my opinion are at Wendy's. Sometimes, i just gotta make a Wendy's run for a chocolate frosty and a LARGE fry. Mmmmm.

Now i believe it is time to pass this award on to a few others.
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