Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pitter Pat

Ah, Spring. How I was in such a need of you. I was getting weary of the freezing days and layers and layers of clothes that never seemed to keep my warm enough. I was exhausted by the short days and endless dragging dark nights. Yes, Spring. You couldn't have gotten here fast enough. But no matter you are here now, so let the basking begin.
"Basking?" you ask. Yes, basking. That moment when you walk by an open window and revel in the glorious warm breeze and the streaming sunlight. You arch your back, like a cat stretching after a long nap. That is essentially what winter is for me. A long, deep sleep. It's alright for a time, but too much sleep essentially makes you MORE tired.

Spring is waking up. It's putting the scarves and coats back in their corner of the closet and bringing forth the shorts, the tank tops and the sandals. It's playing in the warm "pitter pat" of springtime rainfall. I love the spring saying "april showers bring may flowers". It's basically all a buildup to beauty. Spring is eating sunday dinners on the backporch and going for drives with the windows down. It's falling in like with someone (yes, like, not love. I'm 18 for goodness sake.) Spring is goofing off with your freinds. It's daydreaming in classes when you're supposed to be doing schoolwork.

I love Arizona. It's springtimes are probably one of the most beautiful in the world. I can't imagine living anywhere else (no matter how much I may voice otherwise). And well, basically,
I LOVE SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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