Sunday, January 15, 2012


So basically Christmas was so nice here at home. I haven't been at home for Christmas for a few years, so it was nice to be in my own bed Christmas Eve. This is also the first Christmas Eve where I actually got to relax because all of my shopping and preparations were done days before.

I'll back up a bit, though, and give details, because i'm sick and therefore have nothing better to do than sit in my bed listening to disney music, typing all the events of my Christmas Break (yes CHRISTMAS, not holiday break. Screw being politically correct).

After school got out, i hung out with J and Austin and watched School of Rock. Its a great movie, if you haven't seen it, then you must be living under a rock and you must immediately stop reading this and go rent it. You will laugh your face off. Basically they are such great guys. Best thing is that neither has trued anything with me, which is refreshing. Also, they are both absolutely hilarious, so thats good too.

Wednesday I was a start sister-in-law, and  I went and got Alex cough drops because he was a very sick puppy and had work. My success was two-fold because i managed to stuff the big bag of coughdrops into the drivethru container and i did a good deed, so  i felt like i fulfilled my good citizen points for the week. Then i went on a date with a kid from Highland that i met through my soul-sister Alyssa. The boy i went with is such a sweet guy. I had such a blast getting lost on our way to Fountain Hills. We had a picnic and played at the park and spun in the tire swing. All of the people we were with were so cool. I only knew 3 of them but they all were really accepting and made sure i was a part of the conversation, which i was grateful for.  Then after the date, I went to see New Year's Eve with Alyssa and then we went back to her house and watched Breaking Dawn. Pretty much most relaxing, fun day i've had in a while.

Thursday was chill. i didn't really do anything until later that night when austin and J had me come play video games with them. Haha note to self: boys will not go easy on you when playing Modern Warfare just because you're a girl. I am determined to practice and then demand a rematch and WHOOP butt! Oh yeah baby! Then we played a game called Splosion Man, which i also recomend as your next purchase. Pretty fantastic. Then we watched Super 8. I love hanging with my boys.

December 23rd was Christmas Adam (because Adam came before Eve, duh!), and my good friend Bryson had a date night at his house and we all drank hot cocoa and watched It's a Beautiful Life and ate delicious homemade cinnamon rolls. And although i went stag, i still had a blast watching other couples be sickening as they kept each other warm (please, we ALL know that winter is just an excuse for girls to complain how "cold" their hands are, so boys will take pity on us pathetic creatures).... can we tell i miss my boy? I digress... but i really did have a good time. I feel like high school is the time to plan parties like that with great friends, and good food. :)

Christmas Eve was relaxing, as i said before. The Fam went to brunch at IHOP then met up with Allie and Alex and went and saw Sherlock Holmes 2. Then we went back to the house to have our traditional homemade Clam Chowder and played games, and watched christmas movies and listened to Christmas music. Then around 11 we all went to bed to wait...

...CHRISTMAS DAY! Hooray! Ya know, it may not be the same as it was when i was younger, but it the magic and wonder has changed as i have grown. It's special to me for different reasons. When i was younger, it was about Santa coming and leaving me all the presents on my very long list. Now, although i still do enjoy the presents from my friends and family, I find Christmas isnt about the gifts on my list so much as it is about being with the people i love, which i think is why this christmas was also tha hardest one i've had because the one person i really would have loved to be around during the holidays, is back in his home country for who knows how long. I really missed him this Christmas. (i'm now going to have to do a post all about this mysterious foreigner i keep mentioning... DANG IT!) But it really was such a nice Christmas. I got some new clothes and shoes and candy and fun stuff like that, but my big gift this year was my very own SKIS AND BOOTS! AWH YEAH! So excited. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE skiing. Best thing ever (and no i have never been snow boarding, and i never plan on it. Having both feet strapped to the same board as you go side ways down the mountain.... yaaaaa no. Not happening). It was also really nice to have Christmas on a sunday, because it kept the real meaning of Christmas in the forefront of my mind.

Ha my house was like a commercial on Christmas day because my crazy Father got my Mother a new CAR for christmas! She had absolutely no clue. It was so fantastic. She opened the last box which happened to be the keys to the car. She started crying and freaking out and when we went outside, there was her brand new Ford Explorer Limited in the driveway with a big red bow on the hood. It was so fun. Our family was also giving the gift of a summer vacation from my grandma. She booked our whole Smith Family a 3-Day Stay in any Resort and.... A CRUISE! Eeegads! The trip was planned so perfectly because me and my cousin will have just graduated and my other cousin will have just gotten back from his mission.  So basically thats grandma's birthday/christmas/valentines/any-holiday-that-involves-presents present for everyone for the next, like, 2 years.

After that we flew up to Utah to spend some time with the cousins. We went to a baptism of Dad's friend Mick's baptism. It was so exciting that after 40 years he's decided to join the church. We were all so proud. We also went up and spent time with grandma betty and hung out with Richmans and Bench's which was nice. We all haven't hung out together since the summer so we had a lot of catching up to do. I also got to meet some of Kayla's friends at a New Years Eve party, so that was chill. The rest of New Years was spent with Jake and Dawson and we lit off fireworks, ate homemade strawberry ice cream and played video games. Then i went back to Kayla's and hung out with Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Derrik who we never get to see. I love them. They are so silly and quirky and so loving.

Weeeeeeellll..... this blog post kinda ended up turning into a journal entry, so if your even still reading this mindless dribble, you must not have anything better to do and im sorry. A foreign post is to come....aaaaaaaand i'm out. Gotta go take my antibiotics. Hey look at that, i killed 2 hours writing this post. I can now go to bed and heal. YAY....