Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In need of a blogging break

So... not exactly sure what i'm gonna write, but i just REALLY needed to blog and i finished my homework early (holla!) so here i am. :)

School has started. Aw nuts. I can already tell this year is going to be really interesting. Junior year=MADNESS! especially when the school decides to add 900 more students to our already full campus. School population is now like 3,300! Talk about insane. It's seriously wall to wall students ALL DAY! I feel so bad for the little freshman (little brother is one of the poor little things). Seriously i would've changed schools if i was being forced to go to Mountain View at their age. Plus they are just so tiny! I feel like they shrink every year. I swear we were never that small.... oh well. Also, i'm a glutton for punishment and am taking AP english. First of all, I have never really liked english so i'm not really sure why i'm trying to be all "advanced" and such cool things for i class that i really do not appreciate at all. Plus my teacher is one of those people that scare you, and you're totally afraid for your life, but you learn so friggen much that you don't want to drop the stupid class. Gah! Mega frustration! But I love all my other classes. Human anatomy is BOMB! Who knew studying pictures of naked people was academic? :)  But seriously it is gonna be my favorite ever. Plus my teacher is hilarious. She has great stories.

I have new favorite songs! "Moves Like Jagger" is amazing! "Miles" by Christina Perri basically describes my life for the next year. Like for serious. "Party Rockers" by LMFAO is just fun to dance to. "Boots and Boys" by Ke$ha is great to sing to in your car really loudly and out of key (it has to be that way, otherwise it just isn't as fun). basically i just freakin love music. Like anything! For real.

Haha Saturday night i seriously thought my friend was possessed. She was sleep talking and i was laying in bed and i hear her say "oh yeah? BRING IT ON!" then a thump. So me and my friend alexis turn on a flashlight and see Dani in the middle of the floor with her head limp on her shoulders and doing freaky arm movements. Seriously looked like the exorcist. I freaked out. THEN she decided in her sleep, to open her eyes and and stare glassy-eyed right at the light we were shining at her. We didn't know weather to turn the light off so she couldn't see the light anymore, or to keep the light on so we could keep an eye on her. She also decided to chase us around the room because she thought that when we ran away from her when she came at the light, that we were playing tag and that she was it. Freakin scared the heck out of me!

So my dear miss Hope left to work at Disneyland for 5 months today... I miss her already. I hate people for leaving me. My 2 best friends Val and Katie both ditched me. One is home schooled and the other transferred schools. So i miss lots of people right now. I'm determined to keep my blog updated for Miss Hope so she can keep up on my boring little life. :)

I love you Hopey!

Basically I've been saying "I love you" to people a LOT lately. I think it's a side effect of people leaving me. I just realize i say it to ALL of my friends at least 47 times a day. I hope I am allowed to do that. I mean, i'm 16. I don't even really know what true love is, but i do  know i love my friends... so i guess that makes me qualified to say it. Oh well, even if i'm not, who's going to stop me? no one thats who. I think it's good to say i love you. It makes me feel better, so i figure if it makes me feel better to say it, it should make people feel better to hear it.

Ok. Blogging breaks must become a therapeutic routine of mine because i feel SO much better.